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4 Risk Factors Affecting Your Social Media Ad Website Conversions

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Imagine for a moment that your brand is like the human body and social media marketing is the cardiovascular system.

Your referral sources are blood vessels that carry web traffic to your website; the heart of your brand’s identity. Knowing this, the components of a sound social marketing strategy need to work in collaborative support of your healthy, hearty web presence.

Risk Factors Affecting Website Conversions

There are also some behaviors that pose risk to your website and can damage the user experience. As a social media marketing agency, we caution clients on 4 specific issues that can result in a major flatline.

1. Cognitive Friction

In Alan Cooper’s book “The Inmates are Running the Asylum”, he defines this as “the resistance encountered by human intellect when it engages with a complex system of rules that change as the problem permutes.”

In the world of social media marketing, we refer to this phenomenon as “Cognitive Friction”: the disconnect between what a user sees in an ad, and what they find when they go to that advertiser’s website.

When users sees your ad, they form a preconceived expectation of who you are and what you’re selling. So when they click on your ad, it’s important that your website’s landing page meets with their expectation.

If your ad is a promotion for necklaces, your website landing page needs to reflect that.

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2. Lack of Trust Symbols

Trust symbols let users know that your site is legit.

They feel familiar and comfortable when they sees symbols such as contact information, reviews, social proof, and multiple payments methods at checkout.

For the sake of this article, I’m only mentioning some quick hit items to review but I would encourage you to take inventory of your site to better understand if your site creating confidence in the user that will encourage them to convert.

3. Greedy Marketing

As a brand, and marketers, it’s easy to over promise, oversell, over-promote, and overwhelm.nAfter all, we’re here to create conversions that will result in sales.

But marketing efforts must be about building relationships, not simply completing transactions.

Returning website users are great! They know what they’re there for, how to navigate your site, and will likely return again.

However, new users are going to require a little more courting. They need to options like, “next steps” or to “learn more.” They’re here to learn more about you; this is your opportunity to educate them on your services, what sets your brand apart, and how you will meet their needs.

Try to think like a website visitor; who are they, what do they want, what are their expectations, and how you plan to deliver. Can’t rush it, can’t step over the early stages of your sales courtship.

You’re here to build a rapport and establish long-term relationships and recurring customers.

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4. Lack of Website Mobile Optimization

In today’s mobile culture, users can find a local restaurant, buy a last minute birthday gift, or locate the closest coffee shop in seconds from the mobile device that never rests more than a few feet away.

As a brand and a business, you have an opportunity to capitalize on these micro-moments and emblazon your brand in front of users.

If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, you’re giving users directions to your competitor’s party.

[Not sure your website is mobile friendly? Check out Google Search Console’s free Mobile Friendly Test.]

As a social media marketing agency, our goal is to drive referral traffic to your website. We do that through paid advertising, content marketing, and relationship building. But once there, users will only become customers if you make good on their expectations.

An engaging, seamless transition between your social media marketing, your web traffic, and your website will ensure confident users and long-term consumers.

No lost opportunities; no broken hearts.

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