July 9, 2018 Taylor Carlier

5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Working With An Influencer

working with an influencer

Get down to the basics of influencer marketing by asking yourself these 5 questions before you begin working with an influencer.

1. Is their work professional?

What an influencer does for other brands, and even their personal work, is what they will do for your brand. Be thorough when you are identifying influencers to make sure you check the quality of their work. Influencers are content creators, so if they have poorly lit pictures with bad backgrounds, move on.

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2. Are they responsive?

Within the first few interactions with an influencer you will know if they are responsive or not. If they take weeks between emails or messages to respond, politely cut ties. They will be more difficult than they are worth, 9 times out of 10, in those situations.

3. Would they be a good representative of your brand?

An influencer is a temporary face for your brand, so be careful with who you choose. Make sure when you are identifying influencers to work with you pick people you would hire to work in your store or for your company in real life. They are employees just like everyone else in your organization.

Treat the influencer “hiring” process like you would if you were hiring any other employee.

4. Does their value match their requested compensation?

Some influencers will bloat their compensation requests to see how much they can get from a brand. Some of those influencers are worth their compensation requests, but most aren’t. Be willing to negotiate and work out the best deal for both parties.

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5. Will they work with you long or short term?

I would recommend doing fewer, long-term deals with influencers than many, one-off deals. This is ultimately up to you and whoever will be organizing all the communication, but make sure who you choose to work with reflects the type of deals you are looking to make.

If you are up front in your communication that you want a longer term relationship, most influencers will be more willing to work with your brand than others who tend to be influencer “users.”

Deciding to tweak your marketing strategy by working with an influencer is always a good idea, and these tips will help you make sure you are choosing a good one as you start identifying who you want to work with.

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Taylor Carlier

Social Media & Influencer Manager at Firebelly
Fun Fact: The person Taylor would most like to face swap with on Snapchat is Kim Kardashian. She joined the Firebelly team in 2016.
Taylor Carlier

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Taylor Carlier Fun Fact: The person Taylor would most like to face swap with on Snapchat is Kim Kardashian. She joined the Firebelly team in 2016.



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