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5 Considerations For Brands Wanting To Write Better Blog Posts

write better blog posts

Your brand’s ability to consistently write better blog posts will serve as form of “social glue” that engages your audience, delivers value, and seamlessly serves up your overarching marketing strategy.

How Brands Can Write Better Blog Posts

Blog posts are an essential part of any brand’s marketing strategy. They represent an opportunity to connect with consumers and forge trust amongst your audience. And if executed well, a blog will establish your industry credibility without feeling like a commercial.

Here’s the breakdown for better brand blogging.

1. Select the right image

There’s the old adage that “image is everything.” And in a world when folks need an engraved invitation to stop scrolling, THE image is everything.

The image you choose to accompany your blog creates the opportunity to nab some attention, and create context for your subject matter. Find something that’s vibrant; something that’s hard to miss.

Can’t find exactly what you’re looking for? Don’t be afraid to do some image editing on your own! Filters and brightness adjustments go a long way.

Note: Cognitive friction won’t make you any friends. It’s important that your image suitably represents your title and subject matter. It doesn’t have to be too literal—thus, the typewriter photo at the top of this post—but it shouldn’t be too far off base either so readers can relax and enjoy your blog when it delivers on the image they clicked to get there.

2. Crafting your title and introduction

Same as above! This is your chance to engage your audience and stir up their interest. This is the advertisement for the content your blog promises to deliver. Use tight phrases, strong words, active language. Even less than less is more.  

SEO isn’t dead either so to write better blog posts, you must still choose the right words or risk impact on your relevancy and search rankings.

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3. Know your audience

Across every form of writing, from hard-line journalism to creative fiction, successful writers understand the importance of understanding their readers. Who is your blog targeting? What questions might your audience have? Did you answer them?

Your brand’s blog will only reach as far as your consumer understanding does.

4. Mind your mannerisms

Unless you’re writing a blog on how to compose an article for publication in the New York Times, your readers don’t care about an Oxford coma or whether you’re following proper AP style standards. Keep you tone conversational to engage with your audience.

For ease of readability, it’s important to maintain certain consistencies. Things like, always-or never-writing in First Person. But blogs are intended to engage your audience and offer a social connection. Let go of the buttoned-up, corporate jargon. Instead, invite casual repose, and let your audience feel some familiarity to the people and voices behind your brand.

You know who employs warmth, humor, and humanity? Great blog writers. That’s who.

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5. Deliver value and meaning

You don’t have to blog: this is a service you’re providing for the benefit of the constituency. And the more actionable your content, the more useable it becomes to your audience. Break it up into bite-sized, easy-to-digest ideas. Things like, “5 Tips To Sleep Better,” “Top 5 Places To Visit In Indianapolis,” “6 Facebook Resources Every Social Media Marketer Should Be Using” and so on.

But remember, despite all your expertise, no one wants to feel like you’re talking over their head. I once read a journalist describe his approach to establishing tone and relationship with his readers. He said,

“Despite the fact that I’ve done all the research-I have the news-I’m here to deliver something critical I’ve learned, I always assume my readers know more than I do. Audiences resent preaching and teaching. Share your expertise in as non-condescending a tone as possible. It should feel like a conversation, not a monologue.”

So make it funny. Make it fashionable. Make it relevant. Make it meaningful. But make it your own. The world is ready for your voice and your story; write it well.

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