September 4, 2018 Firebelly Marketing

YouTube Ads: 4 Reasons Brands Should Use Them

YouTube Ads

When brands and marketers talk pay-per-click advertising, the two looming giants in the industry are Facebook and Google Ads. But it’s time to make room for another heavyweight contender who’s making some serious waves—YouTube Ads.

Why YouTube Ads?

YouTube Ads provide a pivotal opportunity for brands to powerfully tee-up the content their users want to consume.

Video ads have emerged as a cost-effective, relevant way for brands to build awareness, drive web traffic, and stimulate higher conversion.

It’s what today’s consumers are asking for. And YouTube is coming up with all the right answers.

Want to know how?

1. Affordable Cost

YouTube Ads offer inexpensive, simplified advertising options for brands at many levels.

They offer a variety of ways to deliver videos that are both scalable and easy to use, and designed to grow your strategy in organic parallel with your business.

You can start with something as simple as In-Stream video that plays pre-roll and has the potential to rake in 10-second views for pennies per view. Yep, pennies.

Now you have a low-cost delivery system with stronger muscle powering your brand’s campaign.

2. Advanced Targeting

YouTube Ad targeting options can hold their own.

Like Google Ads and Facebook, you still have demographics targeting, such as age, gender and parental status, and geo-targeting options. All very powerful options, but YouTube allows you to leverage contextual placements to show your ads on specific videos, channels or websites.

In addition, keyword, topics, and interest targeting present another vehicle for serving up yummy content to hungry viewers.

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3. Enormous Reach

YouTube touts that over 1 billion hours of content is consumed daily. Now, that’s indicative of their massive reach and users insatiable appetite for all things video.

If that’s not enough, those numbers are continuing to rise!

4. User Intent

Unlike social media platforms, people go to YouTube with a more purposeful intent.

Could be a motivational video, the latest Marvel Movie trailer, an instructional video on a DIY project, a cat playing a keyboard…we don’t judge.

Viewers are there, on purpose, to find, learn, consume, and likely take action.

This is YouTube’s party, and your customers are the guests. If you’re not there to serve the menu, your competition will be happy for the work.

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