5 Considerations For Brands Wanting To Write Better Blog Posts

write better blog posts

Your brand’s ability to consistently write better blog posts will serve as form of “social glue” that engages your audience, delivers value, and seamlessly serves up your overarching marketing strategy.

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6 Food Photography Tips for Savory Social Media Posts

Food Photography tips

Food and restaurant brands rely heavily on food photography to tell their scrumptious story. If your photo is too dark, blurry or lacking in creativity it will fall flat. Give your followers a true foodie experience with these food photography tips!

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Why Sprout Social Is Our Favorite Social Media Management Tool

sprout social

I’ve been in the social media management game for over 10 years and have used a lot of different social media management tools. If you’re looking for a tool to make your social media management efforts easier and more effective, I don’t think you’ll find a better tool than Sprout Social.

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Why Your Brand Should Be Using Google AdWords

google Adwords

Brands are asking: “Why use Google AdWords?”, “Does it work?”, and “How does it compare to marketing on other online platforms?” The quick-n-dirty answers to each of these questions have one common denominator: Google AdWords gets to your customers before you do.

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The 5 Parts Of A Successful Pinterest Marketing Plan For Brands

Pinterest marketing plan

Pinterest is more than just recipes, dream kitchens and crafts. Almost every brand should add a Pinterest marketing plan into their overall marketing strategy—especially when you consider the fact that 93% of pinners use Pinterest to plan a purchase.

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Firebelly Announces new PPC service in Google AdWords

firebelly Adwords

As your brand continues to grow, we want to continue offering digital marketing services that gets your brand in front of the right audience. This includes Google Adwords.

“As you know the Firebelly team offers social ‘PPC’ programs focused on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter,” said Firebelly CEO Duncan Alney. “To round out our PPC services, we’re thrilled to officially announce our Google PPC program!”

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