How to Explain Influencer Marketing to Your Mom (& Grandma)

influencer marketing

It’s the age-old tale of trying to help your mom and older family members understand what you do for work around the dinner table. If I can break down influencer marketing for my mom, you can break it down for anyone.

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Facebook vs Instagram: What Brands Need To Know About These Social Superheroes

facebook vs. instagram

Though Facebook and Instagram have both reached hero status, they have very different superpowers. It’s important that brands appreciate these differences, play to their advantages, and rather than settling on a favorite defender, use both to contour a successful marketing strategy. 

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#AgencyLife: Stuff Social Media Marketing People Are Preoccupied With


Recently we’ve had a lot of our clients and friends ask us to share more about life at Firebelly a.k.a our version of #agencylife. The stuff we’re preoccupied with: music, films, books etc. You know stuff that we, social media marketing people, feed our brains, hearts and souls!

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Create The Perfect Instagram Content Calendar With These 3 Tips

instagram content calendar

Last month I talked about tips for creating a content calendar, hopefully you found some ideas you could easily implement. This month, I want to challenge you think about Instagram content calendars in new and exciting ways to increase engagement for your brand.

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3 Tips For Creating The Perfect Social Media Content Calendar

social media content calendar

Planning out a social media content calendar can be a daunting and time-consuming task, especially if you don’t know where to start. Many brands don’t plan, they react. The result is a hodgepodge of stale and unimaginative content that is wrong for their audience.

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