5 Steps for a Successful Pinterest Marketing Plan

pinterest marketing

Pinterest is more than just recipes, dream kitchens and crafts you have the best intentions of trying. Since 93% of pinners use Pinterest to plan a purchase, businesses should use Pinterest marketing in their overall strategy! So, where should you begin?

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Firebelly Announces new PPC service in Google AdWords

Google Adwords

As your brand continues to grow, we want to continue offering digital marketing services that gets your brand in front of the right audience.

“As you know the Firebelly team offers social ‘PPC’ programs focused on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter,” said Chad Richards. “To round out our PPC services, we’re thrilled to officially announce our Google PPC program!”

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A Social Media Manager’s 3 Favorite Social Media Marketing Resources

Social Media Marketing Resources

The social media landscape is constantly changing. As a social media manager at a social media marketing agency, my clients turn to me as a resource to keep them informed on these changes. But where do I turn to stay informed?

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How Brands Can Get More Out Of Their LinkedIn Content


LinkedIn allows your brand to be a part of a professional conversation with peers as well as current and future clients. Developing the best LinkedIn content to reach these audiences is important and requires thought, but it doesn’t have to be rocket science.

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4 Risk Factors Affecting Your Website Conversions

The Heart of Social Media Marketing

Imagine for a moment that your brand is like the human body and social media marketing is the cardiovascular system. Your referral sources are blood vessels that carry web traffic to your website; the heart of your brand’s identity. Knowing this, the components of a sound social marketing strategy need to work in collaborative support of your healthy, hearty web presence.
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