We offer many services to enhance your social media management or social ad management efforts.

Blogging | Chatbots | Contests | Influencer Marketing | Video Production



Blogging is great to establish credibility and educate consumers about your products and services. Blog posts are great pieces of content to share on your social media channels and they’ll generate more traffic to your website.

Blogging approach

Firebelly can manage all aspects of blog content development for your brand, including:

• Development of a blog calendar, storylines, topics and specific angles
• Writing, editing and formatting posts (including titles, subheads, text, visuals, and calls-to-actions)
• Appropriate tagging, categorization and SEO optimization
• Publishing, syndication, and measurement



Chatbots never sleep and are a great way to ensure questions from your fans and followers are responded to in a timely manner—even during those overnight hours when you (and we) may be in bed. We can build and manage custom chatbots for your Facebook and Twitter accounts that address any and all frequently asked questions your brand receives.

Chatbot types

There are several different types of chatbots we can assist you with, including:

Customer Care: help users with questions and complaints
Lead Generation: collect names and email addresses
Shopping: guide users to your products
Content Discovery: share valuable content



Contests provide an opportunity to energize your existing community, attract new followers, and generate buzz around your brand—not to mention obtaining valuable email addresses and user-generated content! Firebelly can manage all aspects of the contest process including campaign conceptualization, contest platform buildout, messaging and creative design, rules development, day-to-day campaign management, winner selection, and reporting.

Contest options

There are several different types of contests we can develop and manage for you, including:

• Sweepstakes and giveaways
• Photo contests
• Video contests


influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is a great way to get your products into the hands of social media influencers and in front of their captive audiences—enabling people to learn about your products or services via an already-trusted source. Our influencer marketing service includes influencer identification, outreach and relationship nurturing, as well as campaign assessment and analysis.

Campaign types

There are several different influencer marketing campaign types we can assist you with, including:

• Giveaways
• Live events
• Sponsored social media content/blog posts


video production

Video is a powerful way to tell your brand’s story or show off its products and services. Video content also tends to generate more engagement on social media channels than static photos and status updates. Firebelly uses a storytelling approach—from planning to shooting to editing to sharing—that brings your subject matter to life.

Video options

There are several different types of videos we can produce for you, including:

• Campaign videos for your ads, blog, email, and social accounts
• Facebook & Instagram Live (live video)
• Instagram Stories, Snapchat Stories & IGTV (vertical video)

Interested in Firebelly’s social media marketing services? Give us a call at (317) 557-4460, send us an email at hello@firebellymarketing.com, or fill out our contact form. We’ll be able to provide you with an estimate for services after discussing what you’d like to have audited.